TOO MUCH MONEY KREW(TMMK) came into existence by Movan- Stacky in collaboration with Ny-Ciz, SM, Xylem and Holandric in 2014 v an initiative to bring out the hidden talents in youths near and far.

Dancing, singing, rapping, modelling, acting and many more are on the cards as options for the better exploitation of anyone who joins our team. We are well equipped to train and bring out the best in persons who submit themselves to gain the skills needed for them to come on top of their talents.

We have frequent programs that will help any member to show his or her talent on a bigger stage for better chances. You are always welcome to join us and also, you can invite us to add color to your ceremonies( birthday celebration,party, and all forms of funfairs). We promise and we will deliver.

Our motto not offensive, is Fuckin’ loaded which is simply saying we are ever energized, determined and eager. We are hopeful you join and call on us for our services.

For Booking and enquiries, kindly contact 0554589886
Facebook:Too Much Moni Krew
Instagram:Too Much Moni Krew

We are Fuckin’ loaded With the talent and are at your doorstep

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