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The Woes of The Continent

Sometimes I feel irritated not because any of my lovely person has laid down the head in everlasting sleep . But woes that many leaders, poets , actors/actress and artists had endeavored to lift up but fall in the nefarious hand of the wicked and some considered dud. Before I proceed with what I have,let me salute these people who tried lifting the albatross hanging on the neck of the continent .

Birago Diop(Vanity),Gbemisoda Remi Adeoti(Ambush),The author of The Burning Desire(Morgan),The Destiny Kids(Africa Why),Formal Prz Dr Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana,Formal Prz Gaddafi of Libya and others who had done their minimum best for the redemption of the continent. I say congratulations (Ayeko)to you all. I have an empathic feeling for the continent though is not human to suffer any injured feeling. These feelings are in my mind due to some questions that I often ask myself:how will I feel if my children treat me the way we are treating the continent,how I feel if my children made me the least among my colleagues.

These and many other reasons run through my mind. I wonder why children of Africa still value what is from other continent but devalued what is from the mother continent. The most painful of all is sabotaging the few good people who endeavor to wash away the predicaments that the continent is in.They,the betrayers unite with the Whites people who I always purport as the source of the menace the continent is in Providing the ignoramus citizens with weapons to eliminate he, who tries to put the continent to where it should be. I can agree with those that will argue that they, the whites had added some values to ours.

Yeah ,values such as EDUCATION and TECHNOLOGY but the fact of the matter is that we are too kowtowing to these things. Remember that without these things in the days far aslept as the days of our forefathers they leave longer and longer. Those were the days when lamentation of accident, suicide and higher rate of death were not in the existence as it is now. The most unfortunate of all is that we, The Africans have liked the unnecessary things than the necessary ones. Africans why? Politics is the first canker I will like to hammer on.In this political dispensation, we, Africans have totally forgotten the unity,peace and love for the various countries as well as the continent.

Party affiliation has made us blind in s way that we can no longer recognize the exact things that our countries as well as the continent need. Deception as the first element, war, assassination, embezzlement and several others conglomerate under this umbrella called politics. Others are:egoism, robbery,killing,drug abuse, abortion, child trafficking, rape, homosexuality, lesbianism, indecent dressing and many other abnormalities are things that we cherish These anomalies have covered the rich things that we have:decent dressing, stable marriage, togetherness, love, peace, hardworking and the exorbitant natural resources that we have.

The simple suggestions I have to make for eradicating or mitigating of these abnormalities are :when we can do away with politics, when can start to building on our technology, when we start using able bodies than money for the various positions, when we start liking and being proud of what we have in the continent, when we can make our local languages compulsory subject in our various schools.

With all these the assurance is there that we will create a proud continent for generations to come. This, I say a continent that will be financially strong and technologically stronger African we can do it,Africa we will achieve our aims Let me see proud citizens of the continent.

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