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Mount Afadja is one of the highest mountain in Ghana

The Truth about Volta Region

For GOD so love the Ewes that he blessed us with so many natural resources such as Gold, Iron Ore (Akpafu) Jasper, Manganese ( Kpando), Clinker (Aflao-Kpetoe), Uranium (Amedzorpe), Waters, Crude Oil (Keta), fertile land and several others.

These resources were discovered by the Germans during their time on the Ewe land. But it is unfortunate that many are the Ewes themselves who doesn’t know anything at all Many does not know that Volta region is supposed to be a country on it’s own. Many does not know that Volta region was not part of Gold Coast (Now Ghana).

They don’t know that we the people of Volta region have been forced to join Gold Coast through election in May 9, 1956 before the independence of Gold Coast in 1957. According to League of Nations ( now United Nations ), Volta region was supposed to practice what is known as “Union Government” with Ghana for 50 years.

Then we the people of Eweland can decide to be independent. In addition to this declaration by the League of Nations, Ghana was told not to touch any of these resources we have in the Volta region and friends, this decreed by the League of Nations is still holding up to today. Ghana will never set a foot on any resource from Volta region.

Honestly, the Eweland is more blessed with resources than Ghana. Our problem is UNTOLD HISTORIES that are yet to be told. We have not been trained to know about our land. We thought our very own land has nothing good to offer us. This is all because of ignorance not by our faults. Ask any Ewe man or woman who is of age above 80 years.

If they know, they will tell you the plight of the Eweland. Now think of this, if we have resources that Ghana is being prevented for now not to touch, do you think Ghana will spend it’s resources to do something great in Volta region? It is time to preach the truth. Our true identity is not Ghanaians. We are Ewe Nationals and must fight together now for this freedom.

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