St. Paul’s Senior High School at Denu set to launch their 60th anniversary .St. Paul’s senior high school at Denu popularly call SPACO was established 1958 after independence of Ghana . Spaco is one of the best boys school at Volta Region and was the first Catholic second cycle establish at Keta – Akatsi Diocese by Bishop Konings . The fonders were Fr. J. Caffrey, the chief founder and first Headmaster of St. Paul’s Secondary School. He was later joined by Rev. Fr. Seemers, who was the co-administrator of the school.
Fr. J. Caffrey worked so hard to the admiration of the Bishop. The motto of the school, which used to be “In Deo Omia Possum” (With God all things are possible), was graduated to “Vinci in Bono Malum” (Conquer evil by doing good) to suit the lifestyle of the biblical Paul and Patron Saint of the school and as an encouragement to Fr. Caffrey not to look back but continue his good works.
The school was initially opened as single sex school and at a place called Three-Town at the meeting point of Denu, Adafienu and Hedzranawo township. For the lack of enough land for the expansion of the school. The school authority found a suitable land at school present place at Hatsukope – Viepe Aflao Traditional area long Denu – Ho road.

In 1972, the government acquired additional land, bringing the land space of the school to 100 acres. Unfortunately, as a result of survey fraud the school is now left with less than 70 acres.
The products of the school can be found in all endeavours of the Ghanaian and global economy. There are found in areas such as politics, the law profession, civil servants, medicine, academia, banking, accounting, public servants, entrepreneurship and private sector as well as the security services.

So the management of the St paul’s senior high is calling on the old Student tp come in the numbers to launch their 60th anniversary at BRITISH COUNCIL HALL , ACCCRA and the special guest for the launching of the 60th anniversary is the MINISTER OF EDUCATION HON.DR MATTHEW OPOKU.

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