Social Media Users Expressed Shock After Delay And Amerado Shared Lovey-Dovey Moment


Social media users have gone gaga after popular television presenter and businesswoman Delores Frimpong Manso also known as Delay shared a perfect couple with singer Amerado.

Delay took to her social media page to share a video of herself with the artist Amerado’s head fixed on her shoulder. The two were seen sharing the perfect couple moment in the new video uploaded by the presenter.

However, social media users have expressed shock after seeing the video of Delay and Amerado in a cozy mood. This is because Delay told Amerado in an interview he granted on her show that she is too old to date him. This comment from Delay came after Amerado shot his shot at her on the show.

Read some social media reactions from Twitter…

@nucleus: This same woman said Amerado was a small boy when he tried to shoot his shot during his interview. Ei women. Congrats to them tho

@believeboy: Delay ankasa she dey gnash keep I have never seen her like this before, I’m sure she dey like Amerado en matter.

@steven: delay that?? Thomas Shelby was right..people look off guard at home

@papa nketia: Please we dey beg. We are still recovering from Medikal and Sister Derby

@Oblanu: This explains nowadays beautiful girl post by Delay. There cannot be any smoke with fire

@Lionel: Amerado is a bad boy. Ano go shock cos right from the interview then he dey hit on Delay on a subtle vibe.

@king: The satisfaction on delay’s face it can only be love

@kojoblakk: Amerado make you show us the way we want the sugar mummy some

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