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Online shop made ease with vibekart.com

vibekart.com is an online shop that allows you to shop in your convenience at any corner of the world.It provides free delivery worldwide.It has a wide range of products from Clothing,Electronics,etc

According to the managing director Yahaya Abdulai known on the streets and often referred to as the prince of the streets Rasta wale,The site is ready for operation.He urges everyone to come on board to help support his dream to make the site a house hold name.The site was developed by one HUDU,His business partner
This is how to make your orders

You can first create an account with us , or shop without account

After selecting ur desired product , u choose your preference , u either add to the kart or just buy it straight. U then fill in shipping details including address , email , phone number 。 then you proceed to payment method, u can choose “rave “ which includes credit cards , PayPal , mobile money all networks . Or u choose offline mtn mobile money payment. The order will then be confirmed and processed by us

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