Going Underground: Free Music Downloads


Not many years ago nobody had heard about music downloads and free music was nothing but a dream. When we wanted to play music, we had to listen to the radio, watch TV or go to the Music Store and buy our music which meant; long-playing records (abbreviated as LP), extended playing records (abbr. EP), single playing records (with a and b sites, though) or CDs. Time has changed. The popularity of online music downloads has soared in recent years thanks to devices such as the iPod and cell phones which can now play music everywhere you go. Unfortunately, as many avid music listeners know the costs of subscription music services can add up quickly. Thanks to underground music sites which offer free downloads of independent artists and bands there are alternatives to taking a bite out costs.

These sites offer downloads of free music at no cost with no gimmicks or strings attached. Many artists just getting started to view the Internet as the best way to promote their music and set up sites or join existing ones to help spread their bands’ unique style or message. Even popular artists you may already know have jumped aboard and offered selections of their music for free in order to thank fans and promote upcoming new releases.



Many people are concerned about the legal implications of music downloads because of recent news reports about illegal downloads. However, with underground sites, the songs are perfectly legal and made available to all. In fact, the term “underground” refers to using alternative methods, such as the Internet, to distribute the music and has nothing to do at all with an illegal downloading.

The best feature of all is that some of these underground artists will be tomorrow’s biggest stars, and you can enjoy their early music and help spread their songs to friends and others. So fire up those iPod, crank up the media players and head to the underground for some of the best music available online at absolutely no charge.

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