Ghanaians Fume As Price Of “Kosua ne Meko” Increases


One of the local and favourite snacks of most Ghanaians is a special delicacy of hard-boiled egg doused with hot sauce (pepper). This snack is mostly eaten by those who are in a hurry and can’t get enough time to sit down and much on a healthy meal.

This egg and hot sauce otherwise known as “kosua ne meko” is literally a full meal on its own. The hot sauce is to prevent you from feeling nauseous after eating it and after gulping down some water, you can be free of hunger for a couple of hours.

Well, unfortunately for egg lovers, the price of this delicacy has increased from 1.00 to 1.80ps. most people who patronise it do not understand how the price could have increased like that without any prior notice.

This has caused people to even wonder if the chickens have stopped laying eggs hence the increase in the price.

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