Fella 18-18 is a fake number plate – DVLA source exposes Medikal


Fella Makafui and Medikal have grabbed all the attention this week; from her ex-boyfriend seizing her two cars and Medikal boldly replacing them with two customized number plate cars.

In one of the brand new customized Audi A8 car, the number plate Fella-18-18 has been reported to be fake as the licence plate does not exist.

According to reports that surfaced yesterday on various social media platforms after Medikal surprised Fella with a new car suggest that Medikal didn’t buy a brand new car for Fella Makafui as we are already informed.

According to the circulating stories, the surprise car for Fella Makafui was all planned pretext just for hype.

However, the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) have revealed that there is no registration number FELLA 18-18 in their database.

This clearly indicates that everything about the video on Medikal gifting Fella Makafui a new car appears to be fake. Well, let’s wait for the drama to unfold.

Meanwhile, after buying and registering two cars for her with a ‘fake’number plate, Medikal has promised to BUY Fella a private jet soon.

Taking to his Twitter account to react, the rapper said if the expensive car he bought for the star actress has been labelled as a second-hand vehicle, then he’s prepared to buy her a second private jet to shame their detractors.

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