A Nigerian proverb says,if you stoop to see your neighbour’s anus ,then your own anus is wide open for others to see even more easily and clearly.
I am very shocked that our president will reduced himself in this way to ridicule.And we will expose them well.I remembered then when Adiak Amimo of BBC Africa service asked the candidate Nana Addo in 2008,that did he think the presidency of Ghana was his birth right,she knew something that some of us did not know by then.
History can be made in many ways and perhaps this is the way our president can also make a famous history by introducing a false history into Ghana history.
I don’t know whether he is reminded that 21st September is a fixed day on African Union calendar and it is an international day.
Now we will expose to the whole world and to the generation unborn how little, unknown,insignificant figures our president is trying to make heroes today.His actions also shows his intentions and how he thinks Ghana belongs to his forefathers.
If the throat can grant passage to a knife,the anus should be prepare to expel it.So they should not be surprise someone like me,a CPP activist,pan africanist and a member of Socialist Forum Of Ghana.So our president and his people who are pushing this agenda have a long way to go.We aware that the cockroach cannot be innocent in a court where the hen is a judge.He has power forever!
UGCC was a defunct party after the formation of CPP.UGCC officials whose composition never included women or youth until the arrival of Dr Nkrumah’s hope was simply that should the British leave Ghana on their own volution,then they the elite should inherit the power.Nkrumah want independence now.Without independence you cannot renamed a country,
It was long when UGCC turned to a sabotage group, no longer wanted independence. How can people like Dr Dankwah and Mr Obechebi Lamptey who were engaged in serious sabotages against independenceand against Ghanaians and Africa be heroes? At the Parliament when the motion of destiny was invoked,(which means a petition to the Queen to grant us independence) the representatives of UP walked out in a boycott. Apart from federal system, they were only referring to southern Gold Coast.
Trans Volta Togoland was not part of their planned, Northern Territories and Asante kingdom were all separate states.
In fact apart from the opportunity of sending them to jail in the northern territories, the other five never been there.In fact Dr Dankwah cried like a child and accused Ako Adjei for ever recommending employment of Dr Nkrumah. What it means was that they were not seeking independence and that was why non of them was prepared to leave his work and take general secretary position. Dankwah new Nkrumah after 5th pan African Congress in Manchester, 1946.Wasn’t Dr Dankwah working with central intelligence agency,CIA?And the purpose of CIA was not to prevent Nkrumah from becoming president but to thwart Nkrumah plans of uniting Africa continent, with a common market,common Army and to own our natural resources for the development of African people. Why was Busia
sponsored by Asante(Please lam not referring to King Osei Tutu II) king to Britain to go and abolish Gold Coast independence?So should we celebrate these saboteurs as heroes? Does it make sense?
Now remember, league of nations, later united nations gave Togoland to British as a trustee protectorate (that is to watch that land for them).It was not part of Gold Cost.
Also Northern Territories was ruled directly from Britain by the Queen and was not part of Gold Coast.Then again, Asante kingdom was ruled as a conquered territory and was also not part of Gold Coast.
So the only place British were ruling as Gold Coast Colony was Keta to western region. The representative of the Queen was at the OSU Castle.
How will they have united all these states if UGCC had won independence?
Hon Osafo Marfo claims of only
people from resource rich part of Ghana should rule confirmed their ancestry ideas.
It took Nkrumah effort to unite Ghana.
We know what they are doing, it is unwise for one to think that a hen will ever be accorded respect in the land of the hawks.They can go ahead but one thing is that
Ghana independence was never given on a silver splatter no matter what they do Nkrumah will always be the founder of Ghana. Dr Dankwah initially proposed Akanland should they get independence only to be reminded that it was not only akans that were in the colony. Dr Dankwah was not the original man who recognised that the inhabitants of Gold Coast were part of the people in the Ancient western Sudan empire called Ghana.Other people including the wife of Lord Laggard mentioned Ghana too.In any case do all our intentions come to reality? If Dankwah later changed to saboteur and traitor should we honour him as a co founder?
Volta region is untapped natural resource part of Ghana and may be richer than most parts of Ghana. After all it gave birth to Akosombo Dam.Northern Territories is rich in gold,iron ore and arable land.
Where From 4thAugust?UGCC was born as a political party at Saltpond on 29th December, 1947 as a political party.
Now they said they brought Nkrumah. Were they able to paid his salary and the car they promised? Nkrumah realised too soon that the organisers didn’t have money to pay him that 100 pounds per month and the car they promised. They settled on 50 pounds and that one too they could not afford.The convention at that time lacked any kind of kind of program and also had no funds. Nkrumah therefore proposed that so long as they take care of his board and lodging, he will work for free.They were disturbed and later settled on 25 pounds.Whether they paid the 25 pounds or not I cannot tell.
In choosing flag, for UGCC, the lawyers,I mean Dankwah and others were afraid explaining the legality for the use of the flag. What was they afraid of?Independence struggleimprisonment including death.Even the emblem for the convention which Nkrumah depicted as soaring Ghana eagle,Danquah and Akoffo Addo and William Ofori Atta kicked against Nkrumah proposed emblem for the conversion and instead Danquah designed a two head animal with a single stomach which symbologists described as selfishness and lack of interest in others. It was never accepted and I think it is as a result of this that we are still struggling over issue of Danquah and Nkrumah.
One thing was clear, party activity was new to them.On entering political arena ,Nkrumah was better equipped for the position for the task of organising and mobilising the people into action against the British. His vision was different. Another character of Nkrumah was that he was endowed with oratory. Nkrumah,with humble beginning and parentage and struggle through his overseas studies,supporting himself mainly from the meagre income he himself worked to earned equipped him very well against many obstacles.So ordinary people accepted him as one of their own class with required background of feelings. Having spent ten years in United States of America he encountered racial problem.Over there he studied and taught various subjects in the universities including,education, economics, sociology, political science, Marxism, philosophy and theology.
So Nkrumah stand tall among genius people since human life began on this earth.I remembered during the panel discussing after he was voted as the THE AFRICAN OF THE MILLIONIM,the speakers concluded that Nkrumah was far far ahead of his generation and these was coming from white panalists!
If President Addo have clear reasons for including his ancestry in the founder’s Day,why has he waited so long? He has majority in Parliament, let him go ahead.The attempt to include his ancestors are vainglorious type of honour that will not succeed unless it is the government promised in the revelation in the Bible.
In Tanzania Nyerere is the founder, Kenyait is Jomo Kenyatta and India many times larger than Ghana has Mahatma Gandhi as the founder.
Why is this matter so concern the president that he is in hurry to have his family forcefully honoured.
We all new what his family and co did.They denied ever being part of 1948 riot and blamed Nkrumah.
If they didn’t invited Nkrumah he could have still won the struggle and not Ghana alone but west Africa as whole because that was the project he was working before he was called.Remember Nkrumah abandoned the law he was studying and the Thesis he was writing in favour of Africa struggle. In fact Nkrumah new from his own checks that UGCC who did not even have representatives from Ashanti kingdom, Volta land and northern territories were not interested for gaining independence and that they were reactionary group and business people. He knew he was going to break away.And he did.Now we are feeling for him.
You never know the importance of the buttock until they develop a boil.

Thompson Bawa
Student Of Ancient History and Anthropology

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