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Kwame Rack$ has promised a release of a music video for his self composed, self written fan song ‘DropTop Chevy’ mid of the year. At the Nsoatre Mafia album launch last year 28th December,18. The 20year MC shared with fans that he will shoot a music video for his single from his album(fan song) ‘DropTop Chevy’ which was first revealed to the fans last year. The song is a slow jam song composed and written...


The tile of this love song “Linga” was curved out of the word Linger. “Linga” is a fusion of afro-pop music and south African kwaito music. The love song which expresses the desire for a lady to stay with his man is influence by how adoring and caring women


Holly by Eric Twum description: A powerful worship song which can be used for prayers. the message in the song was sent from above and with God anointing on it to all his childrens. Adoye by Eric Twum description: Adoye is another great hit which speaks into the word of God for us to keep him in heart and believe he is our only maker. Mekra Nkwangye by Eric twum The good Lord must always...