British Togoland (Matters Arising )

That there appear to be no legal constitutional backing in this regard
From Attorney General’s Office Accra Ghana dated on 17th July, 2008
1. “I am not sure that there was a union act” (Ghana’s Attorney General Letter of 17th July, 2008, Ref. SLR.35/2008.
2. “Please be informed that we didn’t find anything in our database regarding a Ghana British Togoland Union Act. It means that this “Act” has never been registered (UN office of legal Affairs. Tuesday June 3rd 2008.
3. UNDP, Ghana does not have a copy of any documents establishing the Ghana Togoland Union. “(UN office residence co-ordinator. Accra Ghana April 30th 2008)
4. We have considered the issue you raised and it’s apparent that we fulfilled our UN mandate to British Togoland. (UK Foreign and Commonwealth office letter 15th August 2008). Not that the British Government has, as usual, tactfully evaded the issue about the union Act.
5. On the other hand, if no mutually agreed and acceptable union document exists and cannot be produced, then the joining of the territory of Togoland to Ghana in 1956 was illegal and remains illegal and in fact, constituted and constitutes forcible occupation or annexation of Togoland by Ghana, an act which amounts to colonialism.

Please read carefully and analyze this yourself,,,,, no Union Document exist Between GH and western Togoland

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