Anita Sosu Starks – “The New World”


Covid-19 Spoken Words: Anita Sosu Starks – The New World

Anita Sosu Starks debut her anticipated spoken words project which she titles “The New World”.

Anita Sosu Starks in this project “The New World” throws more light on the current happenings, the world has a new visitor, the deadly Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic which has taken over the globe.

The world is at a standstill, at the mercy of the deadly Coronavirus which is in a and is killing regardless the age.

Heal our lands oh lord, Anita cries out, as she encourages each and every soul to adhere and into practice the given safety precautions by the health authorities to help curb the spread.

Could this be that we are in this state because we as humans neglected God? well, “Take a look a the world now and tell me what it looks like”.

Stream Spoken Words for “The New World” project by Anita Sosu Starks and download audio .


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