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10 Ways To Know You Don’t Love Your Partner Again (You don’t feel anything again for them)

Sometimes you may be thinking and believing someone truly love you but they don’t feel anything for you, these things happens to many relationship. Listen! Conversations intimately connect people. If we lose this piece of our relationship, then there is no common ground for us to meet and find each other. Conversations are what make us smart, interesting and sexy to one another.
1. When friend time provides us more love and connection than time with our partner, we are starting down that slippery slope of getting the majority of our needs met outside of our relationship. When all we talk about with our friends is the negative aspects of our relationship, it is a sure sign we have fallen out of or are no longer in love with our partner.
2. If you’re experiencing this! You Are In No Rush To Bring Them Home To Your Parents Or Haven’t, At All.
3. When almost everything about your lover irritate you, that’s a big sign.
4. You start being selfish, you think about is yourself, your partner doesn’t matter again.
5. S e x
This situation occur many times to people especially women, when a woman don’t feel anything for you again, they will find hard to allow you touch them. However, if you don’t even feel the urge anymore to have s e x with your partner and you don’t get excited about the prospect of s e x, that’s a great sign to tell you that you aren’t in love anymore.
6. If you don’t value your relationship with your partner, it’s just another sign that you probably don’t love that person enough.
7. When you don’t want a future with that person, it shows that something is clearly wrong somewhere. If you love someone, you’d want to have a future with them and you’d try to work for that to happen. But if this isn’t the case, you probably don’t love your partner.
8. You start taking your partner for granted.
9. When you don’t really love your partner, you come up with lots of excuses to cover your mistakes; you make a lot of mistakes and try to justify them rather than accept your mistakes and apologise for them.
When it’s always one excuse or the other, it could just be that you don’t love that person.
10. You’re displaying ” I don’t care attitude towards them ” deep inside you, You don’t feel anything for them and keep finding fault in everything they does.

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