Ages RSM ft Lil Saint & King One-Unleash The King (Prod. by Whatz &mixed by King One)

It’s true the knee does not wear hat when the head is available. Now the head is available you claimed to be the best rapper but now the real rappers are here with there punchlines which has scanned the barcode. Ages RSM is the youngest rapper with lot of punches. It’s true some people always claimed to be the best but now the best is here they are no where to be found. The game is always for the strong people with only determination which can make you wear the crown and the crown belongs to the Unleash the King rappers alrweady. AGES RSM did exactly by featuring Lil Saint and King One the guys are full of vibes
and punches you follow the link and download UNLEASH THE KING and compare it those claimed to be the best and judge it yourself . the production is done by Whatz and mixed by King One.

Ages RSM ft Lil Saint & King One-Unleash The King


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